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Muslim women send message to Femen: Counter-protest launched against ‘Topless Jihad Day’.

Muslim women have launched a campaign to send a message to “sextremist” collective Femen. “Muslimah Pride Day” was organised in response to Femen’s self-declared “Topless Jihad Day”, a day of topless protests around the world to support Tunisian Femen activist Amina Tyler.

The organisers of the counter-protest urged Muslim women to speak out for themselves and assert their diverse identities:

"This event is open to ALL muslim women, Hijaabi’s Nikaabis and women who choose not to wear it. Muslimah pride is about connecting with your Muslim identity and reclaiming our collective voice. Most importantly it is about diversity and showing that muslim women are not just one homogenous group. We come in all shapes and sizes, all races and cultural backgrounds. Whether we choose to wear hijaabs or not is nobodies business but ours. So please get clicking, get creative, get loud and proud."

Using the hashtag #MuslimahPride, netizens criticised Femen’s campaign and said it reinforced stereotypes about Muslim women. 

Mimicking Femen’s tactic of posting topless photos to social networks, “Muslimah Pride Day” participants shared photos of themselves expressing their opposition to “Topless Jihad Day”:

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